What Does a Beachbody Coach Do? A Behind the Scenes Glance

what does a beachbody coach do

What on earth do I do as a coach? If you have seen my posts these past 2.5 years, you know that I LOVE everything about this opportunity. Almost one year ago I left my full-time job that I loathed because I matched my income working part-time hours from home doing something I love.

It has changed my mindset, my personal and physical goals, and has financially helped me and Steven in so many ways to achieve things we had only dreamed of and to go places we otherwise would not have been able to go together.

I had no goals when I signed up for this other than a discount, accountability and motivation because I was working full time work and working on my Paralegal certificate, but once I saw the potential and watched my friends succeeding, I was inspired. I built a business that replaced my income in less than 10 hours per week.

If you have ever wondered, what does she do? Or can I do this? or if you ever had reservations, hesitations, questions, this is the place to at least find out what it’s about. There’s no pressure for you to sign up, so don’t be fearful of that. I literally just want to educate everyone on what is available out there, because working for someone else is no longer the safe option in our economy.

We start Monday and we post once in the morning, and once at night.. We share in the morning- what we do as coaches, and at night, some incredible stories about girls on our team – and you will also hear my story. You drop in as you are able, there is no specific time each day.

I’m hosting an event on Facebook on June 8th – it’s a free preview of what I do as a Coach, and the event is set to public. RSVP if you’d like to join!

RSVP here

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