We All Want Time Freedom


I shared this post today on my social media channels and really thought it was worthy of sharing here with you as well. I want everyone to DREAM BIG and stop settling for things that make you unhappy and unfulfilled! All we all want is time freedom!

I posted…

Why in America, when anyone can be anything, would people want to give up their freedom and become a modern day slave – being told to shut up and be at the office at 7:30 every morning, leave at 5:30, and be told what to do all day such as when you can EAT? – Paul Zane Pilzer

I totally think this every day and wonder how anyone can SETTLE for this. The truth is, we all want FREEDOM. But so many people believe that there isn’t anything better out there. But just think about this…are you settling for being a modern day slave? Are you only seeing your kids for an hour a day while someone else raises them, because you have to work 12 or 14 hours a day to STILL struggle financially? Or are you going to work your butt off to find a better way to support you and your family?

It’s out there – I believe in you! This has nothing to do with wanting you to come work with me, even though of course I have a deep love for my work and my company; ALL I want people to do is BELIEVE in themselves and open-minded about all of the opportunities that exist and choose to dream bigger, whatever you choose as your course of action. <3

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