5 Reasons Why a Fitness Professional Should Consider Becoming a Beachbody Coach

reasons why a fitness professional should consider becoming a beachbody coach

So you’re a fitness professional, and if you’re reading this you may be searching for reasons why a fitness professional should consider becoming a Beachbody Coach. You may also be frustrated because you LOVE your fitness career with all of your heart, but it just doesn’t pay well and you are limited to how many hours you have in a day! I’m not saying you should ever quit your career to become a Beachbody Coach; I just want to share how this opportunity could ENHANCE what you are already doing and make it more rewarding.

I have some AMAZING rock star Coaches on my team that are fitness professionals, but before they started I was hesitant on how to share this amazing opportunity with them. The only reason I was hesitant was because I was unsure of how a fitness professional could benefit from this until I watched their radical success firsthand and received their feedback!

Today, I want to share this with YOU – I have asked some of these fitness professionals, that are also Beachbody Coaches, what the reasons are that they think you should consider this opportunity.

5 Reasons Why a Fitness Professional Should Consider Becoming a Beachbody Coach:

1. Expand your reach and help more people.

You LOVE your career and what you do, but there is a limit on how many people you can help because you are only one person and you only have so many hours in the day. Your body can physically only handle teaching a certain number of fitness classes or personal training sessions per week, which puts a limit on the number you can help and a limit on your income. You are also limited to people within a certain radius of where you live. With Beachbody Coaching, you have the ability to reach millions of people in our country that NEED help, without investing a lot of your time. As a Coach, I can reach anyone in the United States and Canada from my computer, in my pajamas if I want! I have made so many friends online and love talking to my client support group every day. I have helped these people change their lives for the better, and they have enhanced my life in AMAZING ways with their friendship.

2. Further aid your clients with their nutrition needs.

As Coaches, we are able to provide to our clients access to meal planning tools tailored to their goals, without having to spend hours tailoring them for each individual client. Beachbody also has an amazing, nutrient-dense, meal replacement shake called Shakeology, which you can assist your client on getting started with to radically enhance their lives – both the way they look and the way they feel. Beachbody takes your meal-replacement to another level. We do not use any artificial or chemical ingredients or fillers, nor do we slack on the quality of the ingredients to lower cost. It took Beachbody over three years to release Shakeology in a vanilla flavor, because we were unwilling to use an artificial flavor – we had to find a natural and potent vanilla, which ended up being found in Madagascar.

3. Offer an at home solution to keep your clients on track.

This ties back into point #1: YOU only have a certain amount of time in your schedule to physically meet with your clients. So, you may have a limited schedule that only allows up to two sessions per week with you. How do you ensure that your clients stay on track the remainder of the week? Beachbody offers PROVEN solutions for at-home fitness, that can enhance any gym routine. Beachbody programs, such as worldwide recognized P90x and INSANITY, will be something you can respect and be proud to represent, because you will see how wonderfully put-together that they are and hear all of the stories from people you meet that have had their lives transformed. Pair these programs with an online accountability group, and you’ve got a group full of motivated individuals cheering one another on and reaching their goals!

4. No additional certifications or overhead is needed.

Oftentimes, with being a fitness professional, you have to study and test for additional certifications. And obviously, these certifications cost money. As a Beachbody Coach, you do not have to obtain any additional certifications. You also do not need to hold any type of inventory as a Beachbody Coach- which is a fear that many people have. Beachbody handles all of the overhead FOR us. If you are a fitness instructor, you may already be teaching some of the amazing programs that Beachbody offers, such as PiYo, INSANITY, Turbo Kick, or P90x.

5. You already have a following and people respect your knowledge.

You are already doing all of these actions and likely have been doing them for a long time. People ask you questions all the time and you make recommendations. What do you typically recommend? Beachbody tools are excellent products to recommend. People want you to refer them to products that will get them results, in addition to working with you as their trainer or instructor. This following and respect that you already have will be a huge boost to your business right from the start.

So my question is, what is there to lose? I can honestly say, there is nothing to lose! You are doing these actions already. Why not capitalize on all of your knowledge and your PASSION for helping people get healthy and fit? It just makes sense! If you would like to be contacted about this opportunity for more discussion one-on-one, please go to the Become a Beachbody Coach page and fill in the short application. I can’t wait to hear more of your story!

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