My Unleash the Power Within Experience

I have been UNLEASHED!

I have to share a short bit with you about how my life was radically changed this past weekend. Earlier this year, I made the decision to attend the Unleash the Power Within event hosted by Tony Robbins. You may have seen us on the news this weekend because of the FIREWALK! 🙂 There was lots of misunderstanding surrounding the purpose of the walk across hot coals, which I don’t feel the need to explain. But I wanted to share with you how this weekend totally made me feel UNLEASHED… no longer afraid to be ME.

unleash the power within experience

Have you ever felt afraid to be truly YOU? I know I can’t be alone in having felt that before. In fact, I’ve felt that way my entire LIFE. Which is why this event was so transformational.

Let me start by saying I missed my husband and my baby girl, Kendall, so much. This was my first trip going anywhere without her since she was born. And am so thankful for my husband supporting me when I said I wanted to go to this event. And believing in me to take what I learned from Tony Robbins and apply it to my life to better OUR lives.

After 50 hours of having my mind blown by someone who charges $1 million dollars for TWELVE hours of his time {and now I see why}, I’m having a hard time putting the experience into words. I haven’t danced and sang and jumped and screamed this much in YEARS. I’m not sure I ever have to be honest. Even in the environment to do so, I was always so dang concerned of what everyone around me would think, and I would hold back. Looking around to see who was judging me. Not here. The environment was like nothing I’ve ever been in before.

I’ve been scared of things my entire life. Paralyzed from actually LIVING because of fear. Have you felt that way before? But this past weekend, which 12 of my dear friends, I WALKED ON FIRE. People who weren’t in the event to understand the symbolism of what that means don’t get it, and I used to care, but that fire helped me NO LONGER CARE what anyone else thinks of me. I’m tired of holding back ME. I’m tired of being afraid to do stuff. I’m tired of being afraid to talk to people. I had to be in this environment and experience it in its entirety, fire walking included, to get ANGRY enough with how I was living below what God created me for, to feel UNLEASHED.

I’m tired; I only had but 2 real meals since arriving Wednesday {and didn’t leave until Sunday night}, but somehow still found myself crying, yelling, singing and dancing the last night with Tony Robbins til 11:30! We were in that room for 18 hours that particular day. And it felt like no time because it was a transformational BLAST. I crushed through some limiting beliefs that have been weighing me down since I started my business, and I’m ready to SOAR.

It wasn’t an event to CHANGE anything about me. It was an event designed to unleash what God already placed within me. That allowed me to do something that sounds so insane as walking on 2,000 degree coals and NOT GETTING BURNED. {the people that got burned didn’t follow directions, and 5 out of 8000 is a super low number}

The firewalk represented so much for me symbolically. That I truly can do anything. And if you know me, you know I always depend on God to help me. As we prepped for the walk, I prayed. A lot. I had fear. I thought how could I not get burned? But I came to this event to complete that task. God led me here. I didn’t do it because Tony Robbins said to; I did it because of what it represented. So call me crazy if you want, but like I said above I don’t care anymore and it’s so FREEING!! And to experience this transformation with my friends that I would have never met if it weren’t for my at-home business, I feel forever blessed.

unleash the power within experience

We held hands.
We had dance offs that in the past would have MORTIFIED ME.
We hugged and high fived complete strangers.
We sang.
We shared the biggest failures, limiting beliefs, and deepest fears. We also expressed our biggest hopes, desires and dreams.
I was able to fully release so many emotions from losing my nana.
We hugged.
We pushed each other out of our comfort zones {ie. firewalk!}.
We made memories that will last a life time.

If you’re needing an inner transformation to UNLEASH the YOU that is within you, you should definitely check this event out.

Thank you for letting me share my experience with you!

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