Interview with Miguel Dakota: Why You Should Always Follow Your Dreams

interview with miguel dakota

Anyone that knows me knows how much I believe 100% in following your dreams and passions. I had the pleasure last week to have an interview with Miguel Dakota and talk to him about his journey to get to America’s Got Talent, which gave him the exposure he needed to create huge momentum in his music career. It was a pleasure to hear a little of his story about pursuing his passion, and how auditioning for and ending up in the final six on America’s Got Talent helped his career.

Twenty-one year old Miguel Dakota received his first guitar on his 11th birthday and has had a passion for music ever since. Over the years he enjoyed playing music and learning to write music as well. After his freshman year of college, he had to face a tough decision to drop out and come home to Colorado to help his family. It was during this time that he decided music was what he wanted to do as a career and he dove head-first into it.

Miguel took a huge leap of faith when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent and wants to inspire other musicians to take that same leap. So many musicians have huge dreams for themselves but also may be fearful of failure. I asked Miguel a series of questions about his America’s Got Talent journey, and his hopes to inspire others to audition at the coming auditions in Nashville, Tennessee on November 5th.

Me: “How do you feel that auditioning for and being on America’s Got Talent helped you pursue your dreams?”

Miguel: “It gave me a huge platform to be able to pursue music and get in front of people; not only the millions of viewers of the show, but the people in the crowd in Radio City for the show. This helped me realize even more how much I loved being on stage and performing, and showing people my heart through music. It also allowed me to grow my fanbase exponentially and boosting my online presence to get my foot in the door.”

Me: “How much preparation and work did you put into your passion before deciding to audition and what part of that preparation do you feel helped you get to the point where you could make it to the finals?”

Miguel: “I would play music every day on my guitar just because I love to do it. By my junior year of highschool I started playing at local restaurants and bars around my hometown for practice and to boost my repertoire and experience. You must be willing to play and work towards becoming a better artist and performer.”

Me: “So many musicians fear failure and don’t audition for big opportunities such as America’s Got Talent. However, as someone who is chasing dreams, you understand how failure is typically inevitable on the road to success. That is how we grow. How did any past failures help you on your road to success?”

Miguel: “You are exactly right. Sometimes you aren’t going to do things 100% correct, but if you love what you’re doing you will learn from those experiences and not let them hold you back. You will get stronger because of failures you experience as you use them to grow. Sometimes as an artist, you may play songs and they won’t go over that well, so you don’t play that song anymore or improve it. The more you practice as a musician, just as with a sport or any other talent, the better you become. Struggle through the failures knowing that you will eventually reach that goal you are striving for.”

Me: “What is one thing you learned about yourself from the America’s Got Talent experience?”

Miguel: “You definitely learn a lot about yourself through the process of being on America’s Got Talent. You will learn so much about yourself as a performer. I personally discovered how much I love being on a stage, as well as how much I love writing my own original songs. I learned to show my love for music through my stage presence and hope that it inspires other musicians. I also learned how to choose songs for myself that accented who I am and what I could do in the music realm. I really had a lot of growth while on the show.”

Me: “What advice or encouragement would you give to someone who is on the fence about coming out to the Nashville auditions on November 5th?”

Miguel: “Be confident in your ability and in yourself as a performer. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity when you feel like it is something you want to do as your career and you want to share it with people; this is your time to do that. Just go out there and do it! You can audition in Nashville or some of the other cities, but if for some reason you can’t make it out to audition, you can audition online at www.agtauditions.com. As long as you’re moving forward and you’re confident in yourself as a performer, there is only growth to be had through the entire experience.”

Me: “What opportunities did being on America’s Got Talent bring to you that you are working on now?”

Miguel: “It definitely allowed me to grow my fanbase, so because of that we are running a Pledge Music campaign right now, which is located at http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/migueldakota. On that website, people can check out behind-the-scenes of the album, pre-order the album, order necklaces handmade by me and just be a part of the process. We will also be touring in the near future and the show just opened up a lot of doors for me.”

Me: “Do you have anything else you would like to say to those considering the November 5th Nashville audition?”

Miguel: “I want to say that I hope people go out and go after their own careers and showcase their abilities and audition in person or online.”

Check out this video of Miguel talking about why singers should follow their dreams and audition for the show:

My hope is that whatever your dream is, take hold of it and run with it! Everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, you just have to believe in yourself like Miguel did. If your dream includes music or any other talent you may have, dare to dream BIG and go audition.

You can check out one of Miguel’s performances below. Enjoy!

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