The Importance of Personal Development for Entrepreneurs + My Favorite Books

the importance of personal development for entrepreneurs

What is personal development, anyway? And what is the importance of personal development for entrepreneurs?

I know before I started my Beachbody business, I had no idea, and definitely didn’t do it! And then when I DID start my business, I didn’t think it was very important so it took me a while to really get started consuming personal development on a regular basis. I thought, “My life is fine – I don’t need to read books to make it better.”

Boy, was I WRONG! The definition of personal development from www.businessdictionary.com is: The process of improving oneself through such activities as enhancing employment skills, increasing consciousness and building wealth. Personal development has assisted many business managers in obtaining more qualified and motivated personnel for their companies, and it has also encouraged more people to go into business for themselves.

Now as an entrepreneur reading that definition, does it make it more clear as to WHY personal development is so important? If not, below are a few reasons. Stick around until the end of the post to read some of my FAVORITE personal development books I have ever read.

Personal development will help you overcome limiting beliefs.

Your beliefs about your abilities as an entrepreneur completely set the stage for the course of your success (or lack there-of). As a successful entrepreneur, you will need to adopt a set of beliefs that most people you know do not hold – what I mean by that is, if most people adopted this set of beliefs, so many more people would be living the life of their dreams and not just settling for less than they deserve. Limiting beliefs in your abilities to reach success can completely derail you from ever reaching your goals. Personal development can help you break through those limiting beliefs until they no longer hold a spot in your mind.

Personal development will help you break success-blocking habits or fears.

I think that many of us really do not realize that some of our habits or fears can make or break our success. Some of the success-blocking habits or fears that can wreck you on your journey to success include a fear of added responsibility, failure, criticism, or a habit of watching too much television or procratinating on important tasks. These things seem so small in our day-to-day lives but can really derail us. Personal development resources geared specifically towards those fears or habits you are looking to break will change your life dramatically.

Personal development will help teach you new skills so you can be better at running your business.

Do you lack leadership skills? There are books for that! Do you lack sales skills? There are books for that! What about general knowledge about the profession you have chosen to become an entrepreneur in (i.e. network marketing)? There are so many books! That is what is so amazing about personal development – there is a book out there about EVERYTHING.

The bottom line, and what I always recommend to my new team members, is to JUST DO personal development. Build this into your life in whatever way works best for YOU – so if you don’t like to read, download an audio book or grab one from the library. The internet is also full of wonderful personal development videos.

I wanted to take some time to also add to this post my FAVORITE personal development books that I have ever read. I have read MANY over a two year span, but these have really made a huge impact for me! I have them linked to Amazon so that you can read the descriptions and easily locate them if you decide to read them. 🙂 If you have a favorite that I didn’t share today, please share in the comments!!

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