How to Love Waking Up Early

How to Love Waking up early

How to Love Waking Up Early

To most people, waking up early is the very bane of existence.  Simply hearing their alarm clock ringing first thing in the morning puts a frown on their face. People might hate mornings because of what follows after, be it work or a difficult commute [I GET IT – that used to be me]. Or they might hate waking up in the morning because they haven’t had enough sleep last night. Either way, one thing you should know is that there are many benefits to waking up early. 

One benefit to waking up early is being able to greet the day. You can have a few, quiet moments of solitude to yourself, with a cup of hot, steaming coffee in hand, all while watching the beautiful sunrise or writing in a gratitude journal to set your mood for the day. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll have a couple more hours to do it. Another benefit is that you’ll actually have time to properly eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

So how do you resist the temptation of staying in bed? How do you make yourself love waking up early?

Here are a couple of tips to help you turn into an early-riser:

Go to sleep earlier

One energizing habit you can get into is going to bed earlier! Not only will you get enough hours to rest, but you’ll also feel more refreshed in the morning. If you’re used to sleeping late, determine the reason why. Do you stay up late watching TV? Do you stay up late just scrolling your Facebook feed? It’s time to cut down on these unhealthy habits. And if you really can’t stop, try allotting time for these activities during the day.

Don’t be too drastic

If you’re used to getting up at, let’s say, 11AM, then don’t expect to just change your routine by getting up at 6AM the next day! Change up your morning routine in small increments that won’t shock your body. Try getting up 30 minutes earlier, then another 30 minutes earlier, until you can finally wake up at the time that you want.

Get out of the bedroom

As soon as you hear your alarm clock ringing, get up from the bed! Don’t try to justify staying in bed by telling yourself, only 5 minutes more! Get up from the bed and get out of the bedroom! You can even try putting your alarm clock at a hard-to-reach place that you can’t get to from your bed. I’ve learned that for me, if I jump up and run into the bathroom to brush my teeth, it helps me wake up quickly. The trick is just simply getting up and out of the dark and cozy bedroom.


Another way to help your body love mornings is to make exercise part of your morning routine. Exercise will make you feel more awake, while energizing your body at the same time! You might dread it but I can almost guarantee that you WILL feel more energized and refreshed afterward. If you’d like some exercises you can do from home without heading out to a gym, please contact me. 🙂

Reward yourself

If getting up early feels like a chore, then reward yourself. Make getting up in the morning a mood booster by following it up with something like eating a cup of your favorite yogurt for breakfast, reading the next chapter of that book you’ve been dying to finish, or listening to your feel-good playlist. If you associate mornings with something that you love, you’ll surely come to love mornings as well! I personally have a “Breakfast Club” for my team who meets face to face on a virtual call in the mornings; it REALLY makes mornings so pleasant and fun seeing their faces!

Do you have any tips you’ve ever heard for how to love waking up early? Any that you’ve tried that didn’t work for you? Any other tips to share with us? I’d love to hear!  Share in the comments below! 🙂

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