Empowerment of Women: Woman Can Do Anything!

empowering women

I had something speak to my heart today on a very deep level. I was browsing YouTube for my typical motivational video “fix”, and I had an ad come up for CoverGirl Cosmetics. I totally think most of their commercials are cheesy, but they have released a new one that is extremely powerful; it is about the empowerment of women.

My journey as a health and fitness coach has transformed my mind. I have become empowered that I can do anything. But frequently, I speak with women who feel they CAN’T do a lot of things. They think they can’t run a business, they think they can’t lose weight, they think they can’t get a promotion at their job… all of these things are not true, but so many of us are held prisoner by those thoughts! My mission is to show women that they CAN do all of these things.

As women, we need to KNOW we can do anything. We need to know that we are powerful and can change the world. Without women, there would be no children. Without women, the world would lack a lot of the love that it has left. Without women, men would be very sad. (Had to throw that in there…LOL!) We need to step up and realize that we can do anything and we are just as entitled to success as men are. We need to raise up our next generation of girls and teach them that they can do anything and they are important.

I want you to watch the ad below, and share your thoughts. I think it was an amazing move by CoverGirl; I was happy to see them display such a “deep” commercial, instead of their normal cheesy ones.

Check it out. #girlscan

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