3 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive

make your commute more productive

What is the most stressful time of the day? Typically it is my commute to and from the office. I am not one to waste time; I hate sitting and not accomplishing anything. To me, if something productive isn’t happening, then I’m wasting time! I don’t work very far from home, only about 25 miles, but I’m always going the direction that everyone else is going at 8 and 5. When I started working at this office, I knew I had to find a way to be more productive in the car. So, how would you make your commute more productive? That was my mission!

If you also have a commute to and from the office, and you would like to make that time more productive, check out my suggestions below.

1. Grab an audio book. In my line of work, personal development is highly favored. If you’ve never read a personal development book, I totally recommend doing so! Filling your mind with personal development makes you a better person in your career and in your everyday life. Anyway, since I obviously can’t READ and drive, I’ve started listening to my personal development books in audio format. This is a fantastic use of that hour commute!

2. Clear your brain. So I realize that this sounds counterproductive, because, well, you’re doing NOTHING when you clear your brain. On your commute to work in the morning, clearing your brain and prepping for a good day is a great use of your time. Sometimes during my commute I will just sit in silence. Your brain actually functions better when you’ve got a clear mind and you are able to solve problems more easily.

3. Take care of some phone calls. Personally, I am not much of a phone talker. However, I do training calls with my team and also call my mom to chat sometimes. Rather than sitting around at home on the telephone, I like to make my calls while I am commuting. That helps me get more accomplished because I have more time when I get home for my workout and cooking dinner. Not to mention, talking on the phone makes the ride seem much shorter. Keep in mind, a handsfree phone accessory is much safer, and in some states the LAW. So be careful!

Do you have any particular ways that you are more productive on your commute? I’d love some more ideas! Share!


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