3 Steps to Being More Resilient

3 steps to being more resilient

Hey friends! What I wanted to share with you today is actually something I made a video about a few weeks ago. You can watch that video below, or just read the post if you prefer reading. 😉

What I wanted to share is from something I read recently from a book that I TOTALLY loved, called “I Am That Girl”. The part that seriously impacted me was about being RESILIENT. Being resilient is just the ability to bounce back from something that happens in your life. We all go through really hard things, that is just life… but the ability to be resilient is to be able to bounce back from that! It means that you can receive really bad news or to go through a really hard situation and not let it hold you down. Things are going to get you down sometimes. They will make you feel disappointed, betrayed, heartbroken… all sorts of things. But the thing about resiliency is to not let it hold you down.

3 Steps to Being Resilient

STEP ONE: Have a positive attitude!! The saying attitude is everything is really cliché, but it really is true. We’ve all heard it and some of you may roll your eyes when you hear it… I used to… I really did. But you have to have a good attitude. That’s the first step! Nobody wants to carry around a negative attitude all the time. Negativity is like trying to wear lead shoes. If you don’t get rid of the negativity and the bad attitude, that is just going to weigh you down and make whatever you are trying to do so much HARDER and take so much longer!

Part of why we are the way we are probably starts when we are young… we start hearing stories of “happily ever after” – like you will be happy after “this” happens. You’ll be happy when you get married. You’ll be happy when you find your true love, your perfect body, your perfect job, your swanky apartment, or your new house. You’ll be happy THEN. But most of us never get to these perfect things because that isn’t realistic. We can have everything we NEED, but we focus instead on what we do not have.

But how do you stay positive in such a negative world? One way is to stop watching the DARN NEWS!! Some people may call that ignorance, to not want to know what is going on in the world… but that isn’t the issue. The issue is that the news stations are programmed to make us live in FEAR and ANXIETY. If there is something going on that would affect me, I know I’ll hear it via word of mouth or social media. Also, listen to personal development and read positive things daily. Read your Bible. Fill your mind with positive things.


STEP TWO: Be willing to FAIL! This is something that I watch people FEAR. The majority of people are so stinking afraid of failure, that they refuse to ever TRY. Especially in what I do for a living… so many people are so afraid to ever even try, so they stay stuck in a situation that they hate. Success is nothing more than having the willingness to mess up all the time. We all make mistakes and we all do things that we wish we didn’t when we look back on it, but resilience is having the courage to get back up and not being afraid to keep failing over and over. “If you do not try, then you fail by default.”


STEP THREE: Forgive yourself! If you’re willing to fail, then you also have to be willing to forgive yourself when you DO fail. Because failing is inevitable; we all make mistakes on the road to success. You have to be willing to forgive yourself when you do make those mistakes.

“As you did when laying the foundation for your integrity, resilience can only come when you’re willing to leave your failures and mistakes in the past and don’t allow then to stop you from becoming the person you want to be.”

Forgiveness is the main ingredient to being resilient. It takes a lot of courage to forgive yourself because that is not a common thing. I feel like most people think it is humbling or something to beat themselves up but you just gotta forgive!


It takes courage to be resilient. It will make you seem like a weirdo because people don’t walk around being positive all the time… the ones that do, people think they are weird. But you just have to be BRAVE and not care what anybody else thinks!

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