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Ultimate Reset Results & FAQ :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
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Ultimate Reset Results & FAQ

Ultimate Reset Results

Hey friends! So I’m so excited to come to you today with my Ultimate Reset results today!! And share answers to some frequently asked questions I’ve been receiving in my inbox throughout the process and especially now since I shared my results. 🙂

Already know you want to try the Ultimate Reset? You can purchase it here: GET YOUR ULTIMATE RESET TODAY and work with Whitney

FAQ #1: Why did you choose to do the Ultimate Reset?

I completed this program back in 2013 and I really loved the results then. I had remembered how energized I felt ending the program. And recently, after having Kendall in November, I began feeling really stuck at my weight. I was NOT making progress. I was doing the things I used to do but they weren’t really working anymore. I was exhausted. I was experiencing body aches and pains, similar to what I would assume fibromyalgia would feel. My legs felt heavy and I felt like I was almost dragging myself everywhere.

I went to the doctor in April, a thyroid specialist to be exact, because I thought “surely it’s my thyroid” as I was looking for some REASON – looking for SOMETHING to blame. But, according to the doctor, that wasn’t the issue! She said my thyroid looked great {honestly I didn’t believe her – that’s how horrible it felt to hear that it was “great”}! My next step was testing for adrenal fatigue. Which my doctor said was pretty pointless because there is no treatment for adrenal fatigue, and insurance doesn’t cover the cost. But that is where my doctor and I disagree. There’s no way for HER to help me, because there is no medication that can be prescribed. And most of the time, with most doctors, I feel like if they can’t give me a pill for it, that they don’t care. Because afrenal fatigue CAN be treated. If the test comes back and says that is what I have, then I will see a naturopath doctor. But as of right now, I sent the test in almost a month ago and I still haven’t received my results.

So anyway, those are some of the reasons I chose to do the Ultimate Reset again. I didn’t want to wait a month to find out my adrenal fatigue test results to start. Because I know that adrenal fatigue, if that is what I am battling, can be reversed by different ways of eating and different styles of exercise. Knowing the Ultimate Reset could reset me nutritionally, and help me see what foods may be aggravating symptoms, while also giving me a 21 day guilt-free “break” from exercise, I was all in!

FAQ #2: What IS the Ultimate Reset?

Very simply, it is a nutritional program that utilizes a very specific meal plan and supplements. It really breaks it down and gives you a schedule and recipes for every single day. Not to be super strict for no reason, but to “reset” your eating. Almost everyone I have ever spoken to about their health and fitness goals struggles with mindless snacking. Since the Ultimate Reset is so structured, it really sheds light on those moments when you might normally reach for a snack when you aren’t even hungry. I noticed that a lot in myself almost immediately. I had been snacking WAY MORE than I thought I had been. And at weird times. When I wasn’t even hungry. Just out of habit!

FAQ #3: What do you eat on the Ultimate Reset?

Over the course of 3 weeks, you cut out animal protein, dairy, caffeine, sugar, grains and legumes {beans}. You end up strictly vegan, with a few more restrictions. However, this is intended to be short term. Some people remain vegan, but it is not required. What it is intended to do is give your digestive system a break from digesting all of the animal proteins we push through it so frequently. Our bodies do not really NEED meat as often as we tell ourselves. Beans and certain grains are EXCELLENT sources of protein. The program also helps you realize any dietary intolerances or sensitivities you may be experiencing, but just are unaware of. I believe that I may have a gluten sensitivity. So I am going to continue to monitor my gluten intake. We don’t really need gluten anyway. We can get our carbohydrates from much better sources than BREADS and all that crap that has gluten in it. 🙂

FAQ #4: What were your end results?

ultimate reset results
I lost 13 pounds! Super excited about that. Because I have been stuck at the same weight since Kendall was 2 weeks old, and she is 7 months old now. 🙂 So…excited! But most of all, I feel better. I feel more energetic. I haven’t been experiencing the slump in the afternoon like I had began experiencing again. I’m sleeping wonderfully. I feel more balanced emotionally. All in all very happy with the results.

What should I expect during the Ultimate Reset?

( source>)
Expectations During the Reset

When steering the body back to optimal health, there will be bumps in the road; this includes changes in energy levels, mental clarity, complexion, cravings for food, bowel movements, and even body temperature. All of these are temporary, normal effects of the body’s cleansing process, as stored toxins are released and flushed out through the bloodstream. For specific expectations, refer to the guidebook.

Overall Health
The Reset works gradually and gently to shift the body’s internal settings and improve health.

Increased mental clarity and energy can be expected.

Users will experience both highs and lows. Reference the “Reset Emotions” section of the guide for full details.

Water Retention
Most users experience a decrease in water retention as soon as week 1. It is not uncommon to retain water due to the increased amount of water intake. Once adjusted, users will see a decrease in water retention.

During the reset, heavy metals, toxins, even old medications – are being removed. Many of these substances carry an unpleasant, be it bitter or even metallic, taste. This will pass with regular hydration and oral hygiene.

Weight Gain/Loss
Although, bodyweight can fluctuate during the Reset, it is very rare to gain weight overall. Many users experience weight loss; and remember, the number on the scale does not determine health and well-being.

When following the program, and resisting the temptation to do any exercise, other than walking and easy stretching, the chances are slim that any lean, quality muscle mass will be lost. Baring injury, a muscle will return to its peak form very quickly. In fact, much faster than the initial time it took to build up. So even if there is a slight dip in lean body mass, it will quickly return.

As the body burns energy to remove toxins and recalibrate the balance of the internal systems, physical weakness may be experienced. As a result, the program does not allow strenuous activity.

Body Aches
While on the reset users will experience an “inner body workout” while the body is hard at work removing toxins. Aches and pains are a normal experience as the body resets.

There is nothing in the program that would cause liver abnormalities or enzymes to increase. If there are any abnormalities the participant should follow up with their primary care physician for evaluation.

Men may experience an increase in testosterone levels, however Female participants will not.

A small percentage of women reported being 1-2 weeks late during the 21-day program. As the body recalibrates itself, this change is natural and is nothing to be alarmed about.

Increased regularity and possible change in color of bowel movements (due to food intake at certain phases).

Sleep irregularities are often part of the process as the body releases toxins, recalibrates, and moves itself into healthier systemic functions. Vivid dreams are not uncommon. Reference the ‘Sleep’ section of the guide for details and techniques.

The overall increase in health and vitality may generally affect libido.

If you’d like to try the Ultimate Reset after reading my results, I would LOVE to be the experienced Coach to guide you through the program. Many programs are easy to guide people through even when you haven’t done them, but I believe the opposite is true of this one. You need someone who has experienced this program first-hand.

You can purchase it here: GET YOUR ULTIMATE RESET TODAY and work with Whitney

If you have ANY other questions, please CONTACT ME HERE”> and I will answer those questions for you!

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