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Paleo 21 Day Fix Program | 21 Day Fix Paleo Style | Whitney Delong
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Paleo 21 Day Fix? It’s Possible!

Paleo 21 Day Fix

So a question I receive pretty frequently is can you do the 21 Day Fix Paleo style? The simple answer is YES, you can! One of my favorite things about the 21 Day Fix is that it is so open and flexible with the food lists that you truly can design your own plan and follow it in the way that works BEST for YOU. So if you want to do a Paleo 21 Day Fix, you can do so with some simple swaps!

One major thing I’ve learned over time while trying to figure out all the Paleo “rules”, is that it is not one-size-fits-all. It seems that most Paleo eaters design their diets in whatever way works best for them. For example, some Paleo eaters allow themselves to eat regular potatoes, and some Paleo eaters will only eat sweet potatoes on their diets.

Each container included with your 21 Day Fix program comes with a long list of foods that can be eaten using that container. For example, if we look at the yellow container (used for carbs/starches) that came in this program, it says it should be used for peas, beans, lentils, yams, potatoes…things like that. However, for the sake of this post and considering a Paleo 21 Day Fix plan, it’s easy to substitute that long list for only yams, plantains or sweet potatoes. Any other Paleo variations can be considered individually based on your Paleo eating style.

I think the biggest game changer for following a Paleo 21 Dix Fix plan compared to just trying to go at the Paleo diet without a “plan”, is portion sizes. If you’re a Paleo eater, you might assume that an entire sweet potato is a proper portion. However, on the 21 Day Fix, a proper yellow container portion for sweet potato is 1/4 to 1/2 of a typical sized sweet potato. Depending on the size of the sweet potato, you may actually be eating the equivalent of 2-4 servings in one sitting! See how this could be a game changer?

So if you’re looking for a bit more guidance and structure with your portions and want to start your own Paleo 21 Day Fix plan to enhance your results and have me as your free Coach, please order HERE and I will reach out to you via e-mail! If you already have a Coach that you are working closely with, I recommend reaching out to them. 🙂 If you think you may have an old Coach linked to your account, you’ll need send in a request to switch Coaches.

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