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My Miracle Morning Drink: Apple Cider Vinegar Lemonade :: Whitney DeLong - Fitness & Nutrition
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My Miracle Morning Drink: Apple Cider Vinegar Lemonade

Miracle Morning Drink

I shared on my Facebook page a few weeks ago about this new awesome concoction I was having every morning and all of the benefits of it. I said I wanted to write a blog post to share more about my new miracle morning drink, as I like to call it, but gosh having a 4 month old baby and a thriving at home business takes a good bit of my brain power. 😉 So I’m just now getting it up for you!!

I call it my miracle morning drink, because I actually starting listening to an awesome book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and getting up at 5am every day around the time I started drinking this. So it seemed fitting. 🙂

My Miracle Morning Drink: Apple Cider Vinegar Lemonade

8-12 ounces of WARM, filtered water
2 tsp lemon juice (fresh squeezed, or a 100% PURE and organic bottled juice will do if you’re busy like me – ain’t nobody got time to squeeze fresh lemons!)
1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (get the kind pictured, or at least make sure it has the “mother” in it)
1 tsp local, RAW honey

So, it may sound kinda icky, right? I think apple cider vinegar is a vile substance alone…literally I will GAG trying to drink it alone like some people do in shot form. GROSS. But in this recipe, the honey and the lemon cover it well. I still drink this pretty quickly though. 😉

So what is so amazing about all of these ingredients in this miracle morning drink of mine?! Let me tell you. 🙂

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Rich in enzymes to maintain a healthy gut
Helps relieve allergies
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces inflammation
Helps relieve muscle pain from workouts
Helps dissolve kidney stones
Helps prevent sinus infection
Helps prevent acid reflux
Helps prevent arthritis
Lowers levels of fatigue

Benefits of Lemon

Boosts your immune system
Flushes out toxins
Is a natural blood purifier
Helps relieve respiratory issues
Helps aid in throat infections
Helps rejuvenate skin
Reduces blemishes
Decreases wrinkles
Naturally energizes you
Hydrates the body
Helps maintain alkalinity in the body

Benefits of Raw Honey

Neutralizes toxins
Balances blood sugar
Can help with seasonal allergies if you purchase LOCAL raw honey
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Boosts energy
Helps with sore throat and/or coughs

But why is WARM water important? Because mixing some of these ingredients in cold water will hinder the benefits, and also, your honey would not really dissolve. And for many people, this will replace a coffee habit, and a warm mug of this drink can really give you that same cozy feeling you get from a warm mug of coffee!

So drink the miracle morning drink BEFORE breakfast, to get the most benefit from the energy boosting ingredients AND the digestive benefits.

If you love it, drop me a comment and let me know!

And if you want to connoct with me a work with me in one of my fitness accountability groups, please
CONTACT ME and we will discuss your goals.

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