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How to Break Your Soda Addiction

How to break your soda addiction

Curious how to break your soda addiction? You’ve come to the right place!

Soda…Coke…Pop… whatever you call it… does it have a hold on you? Is it holding you back from reaching those weight loss goals you’ve set for yourself? If so, you are CERTAINLY not alone! So many people struggle with this; I know I did for years.

I thought that if I was drinking diet soda that I was better off, but in reality, it really all is not great for you. Obviously we are all told about all of these things that we shouldn’t have, and most of the time it just makes you want to have it more. But there is some legit research out there that shows the harm that soda can do to your overall health and waistline (even DIET!).

Having experieneed the struggle of overcoming a soda addiction myself encouraged me to write this post for anyone else needing help on how to break your soda addiction. So read on if this is you… 🙂

So what’s the first step? Admit that you do have an addiction. That’s part of the 12 step process, right?! LOL – but really, you just have to be honest with yourself and admit that it’s a true addiction. I know for me, it truly was. I’d have a cold can every morning as I got ready for the day. It was a habit.

Ok, so you admit you have an addiction. What’s next after that? Prepare yourself for possible detox side effects. When you quit anything cold turkey, you will have side effects. This could be a headache, body aches, or you may just feel like committing a murder because you’re so grouchy. All of these things are possible and as always, we are all different so you may experience things other than these as well. Or, you may be lucky and experience nothing!

If it’s the caffeine you’re missing, try a cup of coffee black or with some natural sweetener like Stevia. If it’s the carbonation you miss, try some seltzer water flavored with fruit. If it’s the sugar you’re missing, then just wait it out because I can’t really offer a good solution there, LOL! Other than snacking on fruit which has natural sugars and may help with your sweets withdrawal. Or as always, a tall glass of Chocolate Shakeology might do the trick. 🙂 It will help that sweet tooth and calm that craving while giving you all of the nutrients you need.

Also, DRINK LOTS OF WATER! This is true all the time, not just while you are detoxing. It used to be a popular belief that drinking 8 glasses of water was sufficient, but now most commonly I hear that you should drink half of your body weight in ounces per day.

I am pregnant, and it was recommended to me to drink a gallon of water per day, but I had already been doing that daily because for my body that is how I feel the best. Listen to your body.

If quitting cold turkey just seems too overwhelming for you, don’t give up trying! Just gradually cut down on the soda instead if this is your situation. If you currently have 5 cans of soda a day, cut down to 4 cans a day for a week. Then the next week, cut down to 3 per day for a week. Keep cutting down gradually until you are no longer having any soda per day. You will feel so much better once you get away from your addiction.

I’m proud of you for trying to learn how to break your soda addiction.

Do you have any of your own tips for overcoming a soda addiction? Please share in the comments!

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    […] a soda addiction myself encouraged me to write this post for anyone else needing help on how to break your soda addiction. So read on if this is you… […]

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