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15 Healthy and Portable Snacks

Healthy and Portable Snacks

Looking for some healthy and portable snack ideas? I know I ALWAYS am! Being a person that is always busy and on-the-go often leads to bad nutrition decisions if you’re unprepared. And when you’re looking for a healthy and portable snack, you might need the convenience of having snacks that also do not need to be refrigerated, so I included some items that fit that description on this list. 🙂

1. Fruit and dip – My favorite is a sliced apple, cut up in a plastic baggy, with a little dish of peanut butter. I like to store my peanut butter in my convenient 21 day fix container – 1 orange container equals two of your teaspoons for the day, to keep it simple.

2. Dried fruit – Dried fruits such as mango or apples are great! Follow the suggested portion sizes and purchase unsweetened for the biggest health benefit.

3. Granola bars – Look for limited-ingredient granola bar options with no additional added sugars. I like the KIND bar brand, because they have simple ingredients that I can read and understand, and no added sugar!

4. Granola – Again, portions are SUPER crucial here because granola is SO calorie-dense. I love the NAKED brand of granola; it is delicious and I purchase it in the natural foods section of my local Kroger. Like with granola bars, look for brands that have limited ingredients that you can pronounce.

5. Pumpkin seeds – As with many of the other suggestions so far, pumpkin seeds also need to be portioned, but are an excellent snack! I personally prefer the “pepitas” because they are SHELLED pumpkin seeds. I just purchase them at Kroger in the natural foods section. If you’re following the 21 Day Fix, these seeds would be considered an orange.

6. Rice cakes with peanut butter – simple and quick!

7. Hardboiled eggs – 2 hardboiled eggs make a quick, protein-filled snack! Two eggs equals one red on the 21 Day Fix.

8. Bite-sized fruit – Bite-sized fruits such as grapes or blueberries make wonderful, on-the-go snacks.

9. Cheese cubes – Low-fat cheese cubes make a quick and easy snack.

10. Bite-sized veggies – Veggies like broccoli and cauliflower cut into chunks make an easy, on-the-go snack!

11. Shakeology pack a scoop (or packet) of Shakeology with you or make your shake before leaving home, and enjoy your healthiest meal of the day on-the-go!

12. Greek yogurt – a serving of Greek yogurt packs a huge punch of protein and is a great snack to take with you on the go. Super portable!

13. Hummus and veggies – Pack some hummus in your blue 21 Day Fix container, along with a baggie of vegetables or pita chips, and head out the door!

14. Tuna pouch – a small pack of water-packed tuna is a great, high-protein snack that is easy to take with you.

15. Dry cereal – Dry, high-protein cereal is a great on-the-go option.

What are your favorite on the go snacks? Please share in a comment!!

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