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21 day challenge for new moms

Let me ask you this, momma: Are you SICK of not feeling like yourself? You love your babies so much but you feel like you’re not being the best YOU possible for them?


I was there.


I struggled with feeling comfortable with myself.


I was 200+ pounds and feeling like a total failure since I knew HOW to lose weight but I just couldn’t do it for some reason.


I was thin growing up, but I couldn’t get back to that spot. Years of yo-yo dieting wrecked me and I thought I was destined to remain the same. I felt as though I would never love my body again.


To top it off, I had NO CLUE where to start. I knew how to go to the gym and I knew what exercises were efficient, but I really had no clue what to eat and how much to eat. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get results. But, I was so thankful I found my coach and an online support group to help get me started, hold me accountable, and keep me on track.


I’ve now had my first child and am going through the process all over again, so if you’re a momma and looking for help, I’m your girl. 🙂


As a coach and as a new momma, I now focus on helping mommas who want to feel like themselves again.


Mommas who want to lose the baby weight FOR GOOD, whether they had a baby 2 months ago or 10 years ago.


Mommas who truly want to not only look better, but FEEL BETTER!


We all want to feel sexy in our skin and we all want to have the energy to play with our children and give them the best of ourselves. But to do this, we have to take care of ourselves! I’m with you! IT CAN FEEL SO FRUSTRATING!


So I am looking for those mommas who are ready to take action, ready to feel confident and beautiful from the inside out. Those ready to feel STRONG, gain more energy and be HAPPY!

how does it work

Your 21 Day Challenge opens up as soon as you’re ready. Once you’ve completed your first 21 days personally with me, you will be added into my online community group on Facebook.


This group DOES NOT close after 21 days. This group is open to you forever as one of my valued clients. You’ve got access to me forever. And no, you don’t have to keep paying to keep that access to me.




Because the program has given so many challengers incredible results with one round, that they go on to complete more rounds until they reach their goals (by then, it becomes a lifestyle change for them).


All of my personal coaching is done via e-mail for the first 21 days then via Facebook in a private group. This is to offer you an easily accessible place for private support and a small community to help hold you accountable to your goals. Working with a Team Beachbody Coach, you are guaranteed the best workouts, nutrition and customer service from the #1 home fitness company out there right now.


Want to know the best part? The ongoing support group and the one-on-one exclusive coaching from me is completely FREE to you. Your only cost for everything is for your actual Challenge Kit sent directly to you. Everything else comes as a bonus from me as your coach. And we DO NOT stop after one challenge, I am your coach for life. So whether it takes you 1 month to reach your goals or 3 years. I am your coach for your entire journey.


My ONE Rule: I MUST be your assigned coach.
*If you do not have a coach or an account on you can create one HERE*!


If you do have an account and have been assigned a coach already, you have 2 options — 1.) Get connected with your coach and find out about their monthly challenge groups and if you are able to be a part of them. Or 2.) If you have never heard from your assigned coach and are not currently working with them, I can guide you through the process of changing your coach. Just Email me HERE.


**(Note: If you skip the step above, your order may be linked to someone else and I will not even see it or you! So please do not skip this step!)**


7 – 30 Minute workouts on 2 DVDs – don’t stress momma, I do these with a baby crawling under me and around me 🙂


Total Body Cardio Fix
This workout combines body weight and strength training to keep your heart rate up and burning calories long after the workout is over. In short, I like to call it – ‘Cardio with Weights’


Upper Body
This workout is all about targeted resistance training to help chisel your chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs using a set of light weights and heavy weights.


Lower Body
Work your entire LOWER body using a set of light and heavy weights while you build muscle, blast fat and burn calories.


This is considered your ‘Active Rest Day”, but you will still break a sweat while you strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and firm your hips and thighs.


YEAH!!!! Get your heart pumping and your body moving as you melt away fat. (No weights needed for this one)


Dirty 30 Workout
4 rounds of fat-burning exercises help carve out a leaner, stronger physique.


Yoga Fix
This is your SECOND active Rest day. So many people want to skip it, but DON’T! Trust the process. This workout will help Improve balance, flexibility and strength while relaxing and resetting for a new week ahead.


+ 2 Bonus Workouts!


Autumn’s 10 Minute AB Routine
This is 10 minutes of straigh AB BURN! In a good way! She shares her FAVORITE ab workouts all in 10 minutes.


This bonus workout (only available when purchased through a coach) as all about using your lower body for plyometrics. You are sure to torch a ton of calories and just MELT FAT!



Color Coded Portion Control Container System
I am completely taking the guesswork out of this equation for you, because I know you’re way too busy to waste time with “GUESSWORK”! This is how simple it is… If your food fits into the container, you can eat it.


You get 7 color coded portion control containers. But you do not use the containers just once, these containers are used a couple time a day depending on which calorie bracket you fall into. There is a container for each food group this way you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods, just IN MODERATION. And you will get LOTS of food!


**Even if you’re still breastfeeding, we can work this plan around that and your milk supply will not suffer.**

21 day fix portions

Approved Container Guide
This gives you a list of ALL approved foods for each container to help you when you start your grocery shopping for it.


You will recipe a ton of Fix Approved recipes in one book. All recipes are customizable for Gluten Free, Vegan or Paleo. Other recipes included are: Seasoning Mixes, Dressings, Snacks and Shakeology recipes.


Eating Out Restaurant Guide
Simple. Helps guide you to what to eat when you are on the go and are unable to pack something.


Optional 3 Day Quick Fix Plan
This is a bonus plan included to help you lose weight FAST in just 3 days. This is perfect for those that have a vacation coming up fast or a special event.


Guide Books
This book takes you step by step during the process. Included the calculator to determine what bracket you fall in for container counts, gives you the actual brackets and how many containers you will eat each day, a WATER STATION to share different ways to mix up your water, recipes, workout schedule and more.


Shakeology + Shakeology Shaker Cup
You will get a FULL 30 Day Supply of Shakeology to replace as one meal per day during our Challenge. You get to pick your flavor as well. (CLICK HERE to read more about this dense superfood shake.) They also send you a Shakeology shaker cup to measure drinks, your shake and… wine!

get started
The ONLY cost is for your challenge kit delivered to you. I have it in a super discounted package for you; the price is normally over $200 when purchased separately.


It comes with EVERYTHING I have listed above. Remember, the private support group and the one-on-one exclusive coaching from me, is completely FREE to you. I will be there every step of the way!


You investment Includes:

Your Challenge Pack delivered to your door.

Email Invitation to our Private Facebook Group after your first 21 days

Daily Check-Ins in the Private group + a Community of Support

Daily Tips, Recipes and Motivation inside the group to keep you going

Welcome Email including a custom Shakeology Guide + Getting Started Videos

Personal Weekly Check-Ins with me via Email or Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 8.36.55 AM

Let’s get started!

And if you want to do a challenge with me but not necessarily the 21 Day Challenge laid out above, please contact me and we will find the perfect solution for you!

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