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Not Losing Weight on 21 Day Fix?

not losing weight on 21 day fix

I recommend the 21 Day Fix to almost EVERYONE I know. It’s just a wonderful program for anyone who is getting started towards a health and fitness goal and may be new to the world of fitness and portion control. So since this is the program I recommend most often, I get a lot of questions about it!

One of the most common questions or concerns I get when people begin the program is that they aren’t losing weight. This could be due to MANY factors, which I wanted to cover here with you today! 🙂

So, are you not losing weight on 21 Day Fix and wondering, WHAT THE HECK?! Keep reading. 🙂

First of all, stop stepping on the scale every day. In fact, don’t even weigh yourself the first WEEK. This is SO important! I KNOW how tempting it can be to want to see how much weight you dropped already, but this early on into a new program, you will be seeing NORMAL weight fluctuations. You may even see a very short term GAIN on the scale, and if you saw that, you’d probably freak out… so just refrain from stepping on that thing. 🙂 In fact, your weight isn’t a great representation of your progress anyway. Your measurements and progress photos will be where it’s at!

Second, take a hard look at your expectations. If you expected to lose 15 pounds in three weeks, and you’re close to your goal weight already, you will likely be disappointed. I’ve seen people lose that much in their first round of the program, but typically only if they have A LOT of weight to lose, or who are transitioning to this from a diet of primarily packaged and processed foods.

Third, take a close look at your efforts with the program. Are you giving this 100% of your effort? In most cases, that answer is no for most people. Are you sticking to the container system {or are you eating too many OR too few?}, drinking your Shakeology EVERY SINGLE DAY {every few days won’t cut it}, and giving your workouts your ALL? If you’re not, simply adjust those things and move on.

I KNOW that starting something new can be so challenging, but I promise you if you stick with the 21 Day Fix, you WILL see those results you are longing for. Trust me and trust the process!

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